Birth Of The Sun Eucalyptus Crop Top

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This Birth of the Sun top is crafted from eucalyptus tree wood pulp so you don't have to worry about exercising and sweating in something synthetic and chemical-ridden. Don't worry though, eucalyptus feels like silk and doesn't at all resemble tree bark! This top is so versatile! Wear it as a bra top with your favorite yoga pants or as a crop top with your fave high waisted jeans.

95% eucalyptus tencel and 5% spandex, 100% cotton threads, low impact dye, water-based non-toxic ink.

* To preserve the longevity of metallic water-based ink, it's best to wash the piece in cold water and inside out. If possible, hand washing is best.

About the artist: Purusha People is a tiny two person company. Hayley Elliot designs, dyes and screen prints each piece while her best friend, Nayda, takes control of the cutting and sewing. Each piece is handmade with the environment in mind and a goal to create plastic free activewear. All garments are created using sustainable tencel from eucalyptus trees, organic cotton, and spandex. Hayley only uses water based non toxic ink and organic indigo dye, consciously choosing to forgo using any dyes that contain harsh chemicals.