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Bonbuz "Slowburn" Adaptogen Elixir

Bonbuz "Slowburn" Adaptogen Elixir

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Alcohol-free and full of high vibes. With bonbuz OG’s foundational functional ingredients, slowburn is a punchy, warm and well-rounded blend of blood orange and citrus spice that brings the lips to a tingle and the body to heat. definitely not for the faint-hearted. Designed to stimulate the mind, shift your mood and connect more deeply.

Bonbuz stimulates the mind + body by delivering the natural power of adaptogens, nootropics and amino acids for social hype + lucid moments without the toxic additives and hangover. Amplify your spirit + reclaim your spot on the dancefloor and be transported back to the good daze with every sip.

Designed to stimulate the mind, shift your mood and connect more deeply, we pack a vibrantly bitter punch, with a nostalgic cola nose, and a careful combination of tart citrus, and earthiness. Tastes great mixed with one of these mixers!

  • alcohol-free
  • sugar-free
  • gluten-free
  • natural stimulants
  • 5 calories / serving 
  • made in LA and sourced locally wherever possible

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    A note from the founder:

    "Having spent most of my youth in the haze of liquid courage doing what society deemed normal [insert “drinking to escape + belong” here] I soon came to find it didn’t provide either of those results, nor did it serve me in any capacity.

    After a bit of self discovery, my #glowup led me to conceive and formulate the most inspiring, alternative liquor option for modern times. bonbuz is a social spirit that is full of feeling, and free of alcohol + was shaped by my personal desire to understand what the future of drinking would and could look like. 

    From the first sip to the morning after - bonbuz brings you a deep sense of resonating nostalgia - that stress-free heart flutter you had before adult-xiety took over.

    Cheers to the courageously passionate, join us and create your way." - Fay Behbehani

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