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Catnip Moon

Catnip Moon

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You and your kitty will love this mystical crescent moon catnip toy! Approximately 4” This super potent cat toy is made with 2 layers of wool felt and stuffed with organic cotton and organic fine ground catnip. Each catnip moon will look very much like the one in the photo. 

Safety Disclaimer: No toy is indestructible and damaged toys should be discarded to prevent accidental ingestion. 

About the maker: Molly is the founder of The Punchy Cat, a playful shop for kitties and cat owners who appreciate the individuality and quality of small batch homemade products. Shemade a cat toy for her kitty Percy, then her friend wanted one, and the rest is history! The Punchy Cat offers one-of-a-kind, colorful, and clever cat toys that are inspired by the cutest stuff in life, stuffed with the dankest catnip you can find. All cat toys are designed and handmade by Molly in her home studio with high-quality wool blend felt, non-toxic acrylic paint, organic catnip, and raw organic cotton stuffing.

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