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Pottery With A Purpose

Ceramic Candle + Clay Kit

Ceramic Candle + Clay Kit

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Get your hands on TWO crafts in one convenient box for double the DIY with our 'Candle + Clay Pottery Kit - Ceramic'. This limited edition winter kit includes everything you need to design + decorate a candle vessel, and a sustainably packaged Siblings Co DIY candle kit. Simply craft your vessel, get it fired + glazed at one of the kilns listed here, pour your candle, cozy up + enjoy! DIY Candle Kit, matches, beginner-friendly instructions, and all materials needed to make your own ceramic candle vessel + pour your own soy candle included.

About the maker: Needham-native, Sam Hoff is the creator and founder of Pottery with a Purpose, promoting individual and community well-being through a thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious adult clay sculpting kits that invite creativity and mindfulness anytime, anywhere - all while giving back to mental health initiatives. A lifelong struggle with anxiety and an early career spent in the fast-paced tech world led Hoff to seek emotional and mental balance in the grounding practice of yoga. In-between classes, she turned to previous hobbies of DIY and pottery making as a creative outlet that offered similar anxiety relief. Passionate about supporting positive mental health and self-care in an increasingly chaotic world, Hoff established Pottery with a Purpose as a structured means of helping others find calm and stay present through the power of imagination and “do-it-yourself” crafting.

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