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Chocolate Truffles DIY Baking Kit

Chocolate Truffles DIY Baking Kit

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DIY baking kit for French Macarons cookies with raspberry preserves. Pre-measured ingredients, a recipe card, piping bag, piping tip, and parchment paper for easy baking. Prepare using step-by-step instructions provided, and adding a few ingredients from home. This is the easiest way to bake at home! Gourmet hand-packed baking kit makes 20 homemade French macarons. High-end ingredients are pre-measured for ease of use. Every kit has a detailed recipe card that's easy-to-follow. Memorable activity for the whole family. 

For ages 12+. Dimension: 8" x 5" x 2".

About the founder: Agathe is the woman behind Red Velvet NYC. She believes dessert is about sharing and celebrating with people you care about. 

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