Baby Ceramic Gnome: Leo

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Lou is a classic, through and through. He’s got it all. The classic butterscotch pointed hat. The well-groomed beard. The intricate nesting arrow pattern on his coral-colored outfit. He’s on the smaller side of gnome-normal (measuring in at just under 1.5” tall), but that certainly doesn’t stand in Lou’s way. You will find him climbing saplings, sunbathing in the moss, taking shelter from the rain under mushrooms caps, and hiding from owls and other birds of prey. He would love to live in a place with no owls (your house, perhaps?).

About the Artist: Each one of these clay gnomes is handmade individually by Boston based artist, Kate Martens. Kate has studied sculpture and fine arts but it was her two trans-Pacific moves to Seoul and Singapore that inspired her work of small ceramic objects, paintings, and line of paper goods.