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Everyday Ritual Powder

Everyday Ritual Powder

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This formula contains four powerhouse ingredients for energy, focus and balance - Oat Straw (great for your nervous system), Maca root (a powerful mood booster able to help increase energy & endurance) Cordyceps (one of the most fascinating medicinal mushrooms that help the body handle stress and support a healthy immune response). Finally, Lion's Mane (a functional mushroom that contains a unique array of antioxidant compounds that have been shown in studies to support healthy cognitive function) together this superstar blend aims to support a depleted mind and body.

About the maker: In 2018 Esther founded and named Eliza & Wyld after her two daughters who through the experience of having them found the path to plant healing. Building on the foundation of high quality organic CBD products Esther has developed Eliza & Wyld’s offering to include a range of superfood powders made from herbalist selected medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs. All products are made in Hudson Vallley, NY.

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