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Knitting 101: Cozy Cowl Workshop - Wed Nov 2nd at 7pm

Knitting 101: Cozy Cowl Workshop - Wed Nov 2nd at 7pm

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About the event:

Date: November 2nd
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Location: Wyllo - 65 Thayer St Boston, MA 02118
Parking information if driving

Did you know that knitting has been shown to lower stress levels and blood pressure as much as yoga and meditation?

Join Wei Jing Saw, founder of Knitly for a fun, social activity, where learning how to knit is the focus. This workshop integrates stretches and deep breathing to enhance the meditative qualities of knitting.

Together with instructors from Knitly, we will learn how to make a cozy cowl - don't worry, we'll have all the materials including a yarn buffet for you to pick a favorite color! 

No prior experience is necessary. Just bring yourselves, some crafty ambition, and a little something to sip on while we get our knit on! 

This is a byob sip event and attendees are welcome to shop if they wish - all attendees get 10% off any purchases made during the evening. 

About the instructor: 

Knitly was founded on the conviction of knitting’s unique ability to expand satisfaction, wellness, and sense of community in a workplace setting. Given our overly-stimulated minds, an opportunity to step away from a desk and focus on an activity that is three-dimensional, tactile, and relaxing also allows the mind to wander just enough to return to work refreshed and inspired.

A Knitly session will help you ground yourself in the present, share an experience with colleagues, and disconnect for a moment from a hectic day—and leave with a me-made accessory.

Please note: Tickets are non refundable. Due to local artists already buying product after sign ups we can only give credit to a future workshop if you email us prior to the workshop. By registering for a workshop, you are agreeing to have read our waiver and terms of service and understand it in completion.  

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