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Maple Almond Granola - Made in MA!

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Crunchy clusters of Maple Almond goodness. Features whole grains and nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. Sweetened with smooth maple syrup and tied together with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

About the maker: Rachel was 19 years old when she started Rooted Living. In high school she developed passions for sustainability and plant based living. But she grew frustrated that there was no sustainable packaging on any of her snacks. Everything was wrapped in single use plastic, a major environmental pollutant and contributor towards global warming. So she began ideating, learning and building. One year later, she launched Rooted Living, an eco-friendly, plant-based, snack company that uses compostable packaging and is free from any refined ingredients. Snacks that are good for you, AND the planet. Through Rooted Living, Rachel hopes to be a leader in the fight against single use plastic.