Courtney Drake: The Woman Behind Lunch City Studio

Courtney Drake: The Woman Behind Lunch City Studio

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand. 

Lunch City Studio is a collection of art that connects people and places. We are Courtney Drake (human) and Lunchbox (dog). Building portraits, cityscapes, maps, and color palettes become greeting cards, art prints, stickers, and more. We work and snack in our studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. One tree is planted for every sale.    

What inspired you to start your brand or craft?

While working as an architect, the day-to-day reality of my job didn’t satisfy my need to explore and create, in the way that art always had. I made a commitment to create art again and launched my business. I never intended to do this full time.

How did you come up with the name of your company? 

Lunch City: I am most inspired when I’m exploring the city with my dog, Lunchbox.
Studio: I worked in my first studio in college. The creative and collaborative energy was different from any classroom I previously experienced. I want my workspace to feel that way.

What does an average day look like?

Creating new work. Preparing and packing orders. Social media and marketing. Walking with Lunchbox. I’m always organizing something!

What’s your favorite part of the job? 

The variation in my to-do list. It’s creative or clerical. It’s thoughtful or mindless. Depending on how I’m feeling, I can find work to fit.

When you’re creating do you have a person in mind?

I love when people take pride in their city, neighborhood, and home. I try to capture that connection in my work.

When was your business founded and how has it evolved over time? 

I decided on the name and registered the domain in 2016. After procrastinating for a full year, I finally launched in 2017.

Are there any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?

It’s hard not to let anxiety, fear, or discomfort discourage me from new projects. When you work alone you can talk yourself out of anything and there isn’t always someone there to hold you accountable. I haven’t necessarily overcome takes constant work!

What is one piece of advice you have for a female entrepreneur just starting out? 

Don’t be influenced by anyone else’s definition of success. Give yourself the space and freedom to find your own path.

Let us know where we can follow you. 

@lunchcity on instagram, facebook and pinterest. I hope I’ll have big news to share in 2021! We Make Boston (@wemakeboston on instagram) has been a fun project. I’m excited to see where it goes.

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