Jewelry Care:

What metals do you use to create your pieces?

All of our pieces are .925 (92.5% sterling silver. Sterling silver can be worn in water and will never turn black or green when wet. Our yellow and rose gold pieces are 14k gold plated over sterling silver. We choose this process because gold generally adheres to silver better than copper or brass and lasts much longer.

Can I wear my pieces in water?

For silver pieces: 

Sterling silver can be worn in water. Unlike brass, nickel, or copper pieces, jewelry with a sterling silver base will not tarnish when wet.

For gold plated pieces:

It's always best to remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or sweating to preserve the quality of plating and ensure it lasts as long as possible. Although the jewelry will not tarnish, it is possible for the gold plating to fade when exposed to certain elements, allowing the original silver to show through.

Please note: It's very important to keep jewelry away from chlorine or bleach as this can cause a chemical reaction and oxidize the metal.

How can I clean my jewelry?

Want to restore your sterling silver piece back to it's original sparkle and shine? The oils from our hands and lotions can sometimes get on your jewelry making it look a bit dull. The great part about sterling silver is that it's super simple to fix. The easiest method is to purchase a cleaning kit with a solution that is gentle enough to use on sterling silver and finish by wiping it down with a polishing cloth. It's important to clean your jewelry often so that dirt and oil doesn't build up.

Don't have a cleaning kit handy? Another simple method is to create a solution of dish liquid and water. Let the jewelry soak for about 10-15 minutes. Dip a clean toothbrush in the solution and gently brush the prongs, inside of the jewelry, etc to loosen up any dirt that might hide in the tiny areas. Pat dry the jewelry with a paper towel and finish by shining up with a polishing cloth (these are very inexpensive!).

Please note: Do not put sterling silver jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner (these are meant for platinum and solid gold jewelry only).

Product Availability:

I saw a piece at an event but don't see it listed online.

Send us a quick email at info@shopwyllo.com with the product details and we'll be happy to check our inventory. Sometimes new designs come in so quickly that we don't have time to add the piece to the website before an event.

A piece I want has been "sold out" on the website for a long time. Is it coming back?

Great question! A piece might be out of stock for a number of reasons. Most commonly, we've simply run out and are in the process of creating more. Other times, the piece might be discontinued (unable to source specific size stones, piece is being redesigned due to a quality issue, or it may not have sold well and is being phased out). The easiest way to find out is to just shoot just a message at info@shopwyllo.com and we will let you know.


How much does shipping cost?

U.S. shipping is always free. If you are shipping outside the U.S. you will be able to enter a postal code, etc while checking out which will automatically create a quote for you based on location.

How long does shipping take?

We use USPS to ship all of our orders. It generally takes 1-3 days to receive your order once it has shipped.

If we have the piece in stock, it will ship the same or next day. If the piece is not in stock, it can take 3-8 days to create the piece before it ships. In a rush? Email info@shopwyllo.com if you have a question and we will confirm whether or not a piece is definitely in stock.  

Return Policy: 

In the event that you are unhappy with your piece or ordered the wrong size, we are happy to help you exchange it for another. We do not charge a restocking fee but do require customers to purchase shipping for exchanges. For help with an exchange, please contact info@shopwyllo.com. We cannot accept any pieces that have previously been worn or damaged. Pieces sent back to us that show any signs of wear, scratches, etc, will automatically be sent back. 

Do you repair jewelry?

Although our jewelry is handcrafted with sterling silver, our pieces are not indestructible and should be worn with care. In the event that your piece becomes damaged after being worn (for instance, a broken chain or ring band), we do offer repairs for a fee that covers the cost of raw materials and shipping. As a courtesy to our customers, we do not factor in labor costs and do not make a profit off of repair charges. If you are inquiring about a ring repair, please be aware that in most cases we will need to remake the entire setting and reset stones if the band becomes severely warped out of shape or if the metal has split. Repair fees start at $8 for stacking rings and $14 for gemstone rings. Chain and clasp repairs range depending on the piece, please contact us for a quote via our repair form.

 My gold piece has begun fading back to silver, can I return it?

Our yellow and rose gold pieces are 14k gold plated over sterling silver. Over time, it is possible for the gold plating to wear off, allowing some of the silver to peek through. This is a normal process due to everyday wear and tear. The plating will last longer if you take the piece off when exposed to water and when exercising. Generally this is only an issue with rings as we have a tendency to keep jewelry on when washing hands, using hand sanitizer or applying lotion (all which can contribute to fading the plating). It's rare that bracelets or necklaces will fade and many of our customers have reported wearing theirs for years without issue. For these reasons, we do not accept returns or exchanges for pieces that have started to fade.