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Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

Hot Chocolate Variety Pack

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Our single-serve packs include your favorites: Classic, Mexican, and Peppermint, and two fun ones! Always lower in sugar and gluten, dairy, and soy-free, our flavors were handcrafted to add "a bit" of extra goodness to the chocolate without overwhelming your palate. It's hot chocolate after all! Classic - If the excitement of a snow day had a flavor, this would be it. Mexican - Not as spicy as spring break, just a bit of a kick. Banana - What?! Yeah, we went there. Peppermint - A minty kiss or a cool whisper? We'll let you decide. Peanut Butter - We don't regret this combo and neither will you.

About the maker: MOCO, My Organic Coco, was founded by two moms in Norwich, Vermont. The focus: nutrient-dense, flavor-packed superfoods cacao and maca. Handcrafted with your health and wellness in mind, our products are low in sugar, have no gluten, no dairy, no soy, and no junk. Enjoy it hot or cold, add some to your coffee, smoothie, yogurt, or indulge and make the best milkshake ever with any of our flavors.

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