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Summer Sangria Cocktail Kit

Summer Sangria Cocktail Kit

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This summer sangria has strawberries, blueberries & lemons. It is sweet and fruity, while still allowing for the notes of the wine to come through! With this infusion, the consumer is able to use an entire bottle of wine, or just half (their choice!) For red wine, we suggest garnacha. For white, pinot grigio. Of course, with any of our infusions, we suggest the most common type of spirit, but most kits are versatile, so consumers can get creative and add a different spirit than suggested! No alcohol included. 

Each kit makes 8-16 drinks (reuse infusion kit to get 16). All infusions can be zero proof by adding boiling water instead of alcohol. Every kit has a 2 year shelf life from date of manufacturing. Suggested consumption is 9 months after infusion. Best kept refrigerated, but not necessary. Cheers!

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