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9" Round Marble Tray

9" Round Marble Tray

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Circular Terrazzo Tray - Dark Grey with Natural Terrazzo Chips

This circular aqua resin tray in white makes the perfect catch-all dish for vanity, entryway table, or desk. Perfect solution for displaying jewelry on your dresser or a stylish place to set your candles and centerpiece decor.

The tray is approximately 9" in diameter.

Great for any home! These are amazing gifts for any occasion! 

Due to the nature of the resin, there may be slight imperfections on some of the trays. We do our best to avoid these flaws, but in the end, it's what makes them so unique! 

About the artist: Reanna Marth currently resides in South Boston. Born out of a desire to try something completely new, Reanna has fallen in love with the limitless possibilities that resin art holds. Similar to the way her collages are constructed from existing pieces of life, resin is an adaptable and durable material that allows her to utilize a multitude of objects and substrates, including those objects we experience in daily life. She creates decor items such as her signature coasters, a variety of trays, succulent pots and more. The defining pieces of Reanna’s work are her abstract resin paintings.

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